You can create and manage products from the Solidus backend. From your /admin homepage, navigate to the Products page from the store navigation to start managing products.

What is a product?

A product represents an item that you have for sale. A product stores general information about the item. If you sell two items, a mug and a t-shirt, then you need to create two products: "Mug" and "T-Shirt".

Products define customer-facing information about items for sale

When you add or edit a product, you are providing information about the product. Most of this information is viewable on your storefront, which means that customers can see it.

See the Product management section below for more information about the what each product stores.

Products can have multiple variants

You can sell multiple version of a product. For example, if you want to sell your T-Shirt product in two colors, you do not need to create two separate products. Instead, you can create two variants of the T-shirt product.

You need to set up product option types (like size or color) before you can create variants.

Search and filter products

From the main Products page, you can search for and filter down a list of products that you want to edit or remove. You can also use the New Product button to start creating a new product.

Product management

When you add or edit a product, you can provide a lot of information

Products track the general information about a product from a number of sub-pages: