Product details

When you add or edit a product, you can provide essential information by filling in each product details field.

Basic information

Product Availability

Products have time based availability. Products can be made available and unavailable by setting two dates.

Available On

Note that the Available On field should be filled if you want the product to be displayed on the storefront.

If the Available On value is a date in the future, then the product is only available after the date that has been set.

Discontinue On

If the Discontinue On value is set, then the product is not available after the date anymore.

Inventory information

The following product information is used by Solidus's inventory and shipping systems:

Solidus's product dimensions do not specify a unit of measurement. We recommend that you use them consistently so that they can be used to calculate shipping consistently across your store. Product dimensions round to two decimal points (for example: 1.00).

Note that the weight and dimensions of a product can be used to calculate an order's shipment costs.

SEO information

If the product's SEO fields are not filled in, then the product inherits the store's global SEO information settings .

  1. A slug is a part of a URL that identifies a page using human-readable words. Most blogs and stores use slugs for SEO purposes. For example, in the web address, the slug would be the summer-t-shirt part. 

  2. Meta keywords are used for SEO purposes. For more information about meta keywords see the article Meta Keywords: What They Are and How They Work from WordStream. 

  3. Meta descriptions are short descriptions that accompany a link to your page in search engine results pages (SERPs). While each search engine works differently, Google truncates meta descriptions after 300 characters. For more information, see the Meta Description article on