Solidus's promotions system allows you to give discounts to customers. Discounts can be applied to different amounts that make up the order:

You can create simple or complex promotions based on store and product information, including information about your customers's previous orders.

Promotions have four essential parts:

  1. The promotion details . These include basic information about the promotion, how it should be applied, and an optional promotion code used to redeem the discount.
  2. Activation methods . You can change the way that promotions are activated. For example, some promotions are activated with promotion codes while others are activated automatically.
  3. Promotion rules . Rules allow you to configure the conditions that must be met before a promotion can be applied to an order.
  4. Promotion actions . Actions define what should happen when the promotion is applied. In most cases, this is free shipping or a discount.

Create a new promotion

While promotions can be much more complicated, you can create a simple promotion in just a few steps:

  1. In the Solidus admin interface, select the Promotions item from the main menu.
  2. Select the New Promotion button.
  3. Enter a name for the new promotion in the Name field.
  4. Fill in any optional fields for your new promotion. For more information about the available fields, see Promotion details .
  5. Choose an activation method . By default, the activation method is set to Single promotion code and requires a single Promotion Code value.
  6. Select the Create button to save the new promotion.

Promotion details

When you create a promotion, you can fill in the following information about it:

Activation methods

When you create a new promotion, you can choose from a number of activation methods:

Multiple promotions codes

When you create a new promotion that uses the Multiple promotion codes activation method, a number of new configuration fields become available:

Download promotion code list

If your promotion uses multiple promotion codes you can download a list of the codes that were generated for it:

  1. Go to the Promotions page of the Solidus admin.
  2. Select the Edit button next to the promotion that you want to download promotion codes for.
  3. Select the Download Code List button to download a list of codes in CSV format.

If you have generated multiple batches of codes, you can use the Promotion Code Batches button to view a list of batches, then use the Download Code List link next to the batch you want the codes for.

Promotion categories

You can set up promotion categories to organize your promotions. Promotion categories have a Name and a Code. Your customers cannot see promotion categories. Only store administrators can see promotion categories.