Promotion rules

Promotion rules determine whether a promotion is eligible to be applied. Promotions let you control which customers can get promotional discounts and which ones cannot. For example, you may want to offer a promotion that is only valid for new customers.

Many conventional types of promotion rules are available in Solidus by default. If you require a more specialized rule, speak with your developers about creating one.

Available promotion rule types


Every time a customer's order is updated, the promotion rules are re-checked to ensure that the promotion is still valid. This protects your store from customers who want to abuse promotion codes.

Every time the promotion rules are re-checked, any promotional discounts are recalculated as well. For example, if the customer added more items to the cart, those new items could now be calculated against the promotion rules.

Rule matching

There are two types of rule matching in Solidus' promotion system: Match all of these rules or Match any of these rules.