From the Stock page of the Solidus admin interface, you can view and manage the stock for all of your store's products.

You can change the Stock On Hand value for any product (or variant) in your store after selecting the Edit button next to it.

Note that you can also view stock in a product context .

Stock information

On the Stock page, you can see the following information about your stock items:

You can search for specific stock items. This makes locating stock information easier when you have hundreds or thousands of products. You can filter by the following values:

Note that the Variant filter searches for option Name values as well as their Presentation values. For example, you may have an option value with the name "Extra Large" that is presented as "XL" on your storefront. This means that you can search for either term and find the same results.

Stock locations

Stock locations represent a location where your inventory is shipped from. For every stock location that you create, a complete set of stock items that represents your product collection is also created.

For example, if your store only sells one product, but it ships the product from two stock locations, then you should have two items in the list of stock items on the Stock page.

Count on hand

For each product you sell in your store, you can manage the Count On Hand value. You may have inventory for this product at multiple stock locations, and you can manage the count for each location.

Changing the count on hand value

When you update the Count On Hand value for a stock item, be aware that you are resetting the count.

For example, if your "T-Shirt" product has 5 in stock items and you received 15 new shirts from your supplier, you should update the Count On Hand value to 20.