Solidus Developers Guide

This guide provides a foundation for web developers to learn the Solidus ecommerce platform. Use it while you build out your Solidus store.

Solidus is an open source ecommerce solution built with Ruby on Rails and maintained by a community of passionate developers. Before you can launch a store with Solidus, you should already have experience with the Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails .

If Ruby on Rails is new to you, start by reading the Rails Guides and Michael Hartl's Ruby on Rails Tutorial .

Getting help

If you're following this guide and still having trouble installing Solidus, join the Solidus Slack team and start a conversation in the #support channel .

If you are still not able to get Solidus running, open an issue on GitHub with any information you think would help to reproduce the issues you're having. That would include your operating system and its version, the versions of Ruby, Rails, and SQLite 3 that you are running, and the specific error messages you are receiving during installation.

Security updates

The best way to receive all the security announcements is to enable alerts for vulnerable dependencies in GitHub or to subscribe to the Solidus Security mailing list . The mailing list is very low traffic, and it receives the public notifications the moment the vulnerability is published.

You can find more information on our official security policy page .


Solidus is an open source platform supported by the community. We encourage everyone using Solidus to contribute back to the documentation and the code.

If you’re interested in contributing to the docs, get started with the contributing guidelines. If you see something that needs fixing and can’t do it yourself, please send us an email.