Override Solidus assets

If you use gems that provide assets and views (like the solidus_frontend and solidus backend gems), you can override or replace them with your own custom assets and views.

The custom assets you create for a Solidus extension or the frontend and backend of a store would not be automatically included and served to clients. For more information about adding your own custom assets to Solidus, see the Asset management article.

This article provides an overview of how Solidus manages assets. Note that it assumes that you are using the solidus_frontend and solidus_backend gems that are included as part of a typical Solidus installation.

Overrides and upgrading Solidus

We recommend overriding assets as little as possible. Overriding assets makes maintaining your application more complicated in the long term.

The solidus_frontend and solidus_backend gems change with each version, and overrides for one version might not be effective for the next.

Override individual CSS or JavaScript definitions

If you want to tweak a CSS definition or change the way a particular JavaScript methods works, you can override it by redefining the definition in a file in your application's app/assets tree.


If you want to override a single style from a stylesheet, you can create a new stylesheet (for example, foo.css) and re-define the same style. Your new stylesheet, foo.css, will be included after the styles set in your gems, which means it would override any existing definition.

For example, you could override a footer style in solidus_frontend's screen.css.scss file:

      footer#footer {
  padding: 10px 0;
  border-top: $default_border;


Just create a new stylesheet your_app/app/assets/stylesheets/spree/frontend/ called foo.css and redefine any selectors that you want to change:

      footer#footer {
  border: none;


If you need to override the global SCSS variables used in solidus_backend, you can simply redefine them in the variables_override.scss file. For example:

      // Change the color of a default variable, e.g. $color-dark
$color-dark:          #000;



Just like you can override a single CSS definition being provided by a gem, you can rewrite an existing JavaScript function.

For example, if you wanted to override the Spree.showVariantImages method from solidus_frontend's product.js , you can do so from any JavaScript file in your project's assets.

For example, just create a new JavaScript file, your_app/app/assets/javascripts/spree/frontend/showVariantImages.js and include the new method definition:

      Spree.showVariantImages = function(variant_id) {
 alert('hello world');


When your JavaScript gets compiled to frontend/app.js and served to clients, it would it include both Spree.showVariantImages methods, but your custom definition would be the last definition of the method and the one executed on request.

Override an image, stylesheet, or JavaScript file

To replace an entire file that is provided by a gem (like solidus_frontend or solidus_backend), you can create a new file in your project's app/assets directory that has a corresponding filename and location. You can do this with any image, stylesheet, or JavaScript file provided by a gem.

For example, to replace the solidus_frontend's _variables.scss at /app/assets/stylesheets/spree/frontend/_variables.scss you could save the replacement to your_app/app/assets/stylesheets/spree/frontend/_variables.scss with your own definitions inside.

This is more brittle than overriding single definitions, as described above, and isn't guaranteed to work in future Solidus versions.

Note that this method completely replaces any functionality provided by the stylesheet or JavaScript file.

This same method can also be used to override files provided by third-party extensions.


Solidus is an open source platform supported by the community. We encourage everyone using Solidus to contribute back to the documentation and the code.

If you’re interested in contributing to the docs, get started with the contributing guidelines. If you see something that needs fixing and can’t do it yourself, please send us an email.