Display total methods

The Spree::Order model includes a number of useful methods for displaying totals and balances:

  • display_outstanding_balance: The outstanding balance for the order, calculated by taking the total and subtracting the current payment_total.
  • display_item_total: The total of the line items on the order.
  • display_adjustment_total: The total of the adjustments on the order.
  • display_total: The order total.
  • display_total_available_store_credit: The total available store credit.
  • display_order_total_after_store_credit: The order total after store credit has been applied.
  • display_store_credit_remaining_after_capture: The amount of store credit remaining after an order payment has been captured.

By default, the following methods return Spree::Money objects configured with the order's currency symbol. For example:

# => "$10.99"


Because Spree::Money objects are based on the Ruby Money library , you can further change what information is displayed using its format method:

      @order.display_total.format(with_currency: true)
# => "$10.99 USD"



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