Update orders

You need to use the recalculate method on a Spree::Order to keep its total up-to-date. Note that the total changes every time that line items and adjustments are added or modified. The recalculate method calls out to the Spree::OrderUpdater class .

For example, the solidus_backend gem's Spree::Admin::AdjustmentsController uses the recalculate method to update totals throughout the lifetime of an order:

      def update_totals


The update_totals method is called every time that adjustments are created, destroyed, and updated.

Whenever you change the code that touches the values of a Spree::Order, use the recalculate method to ensure your order's totals are accurate. For example, you would want to call the recalculate method in the following scenarios:

  • Whenever you create or modify a Spree::Payment that changes the order's payment_state value.
  • Whenever a Spree:LineItem on the order has a price change.


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