Payment service providers

Solidus is not built to process payments by itself, and it does not include any integrations for popular payment service providers (PSPs) . You must install a Solidus extension or create your own integration.

Solidus extensions for payment processing

The Solidus extensions listed below give you access to some popular payment service providers:

Sending payments to PSPs

In order for you to successfully process payments, your payment methods need to send information to a payment service provider. You can use the Spree::PaymentMethod and Spree::PaymentMethod::CreditCard classes as a reference for building out your own PSP integrations.

The Spree::PaymentMethod base class

Typically, PSP integrations use the Spree::PaymentMethod base class to build out to the PSP's specifications and API. When you model out payment methods using Spree::PaymentMethod as a base class, you can get Solidus admin panel functionality with very little effort.

Note that the Spree::PaymentMethod base class also has a similar interface to the active_merchant gem.

For an example, see how the solidus_paypal_braintree gem builds its SolidusPaypalBraintree::Gateway class class: it sets its own preferences and overrides many of the methods originally defined in Spree::PaymentMethod.


Solidus also provides a Spree::PaymentMethod::CreditCard class. While it is not a functional credit card-based payment method, it is a good candidate as a base class for building your own credit card-based payment methods.

You would need to extend or rewrite this class with your preferred PSP integration.

Switching payment service provider

After switching payment service provider, there may be Spree::PaymentMethod records referencing a type class that does not exist anymore. Trying to retrieve these records through an ActiveRecord query raises a Spree::PaymentMethod::UnsupportedPaymentMethod error.

If you cannot delete these records, you can deactivate them running rake payment_method:deactivate_unsupported_payment_methods. This way, their type will be set to Spree::PaymentMethod, allowing for records retrieval without errors. Also, their real type value will be stored in the type_before_removal attribute.


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