Spree::Products track separate products within your store. If you sell a mug and a t-shirt, you would set up a product for each of them.

Products have the following attributes:

  • name: The short name for a product.
  • description: The full description for your product.
  • slug: An SEO-slug based on the product name. This slug is used in the product's URL.
  • available_on: The first date the product becomes available for sale online in your shop. If you don't set the available_on attribute, the product does not appear among your store's products for sale.
  • discontinue_on: The last date the product is still available for sale online in your shop. If you don't set the available_on attribute, the product does still appear among your store's products for sale.
  • deleted_at: The date the product is no longer available for sale in the store.
  • meta_description: A description targeted at search engines for search engine optimization (SEO). This description is shown in search results and may be truncated after 160 characters.
  • meta_keywords: Comma-separated keywords and phrases related to the product, also targeted at search engines.
  • meta_title: Title to put in HTML <title> tag. If left blank, the product name is used instead.
  • promotionable: Determines whether promotions can apply to the product. (Labeled "Promotable" in the admin interface.)


Most of Solidus's product-related business logic belongs to Spree::Variants rather than products. This includes the product's price, dimensions, and product images.

Even if your store only sells a single product that only comes in one size and color, that product would have a single variant that handles the additional properties.

For more information about variants, see the variants article.

Product properties

You can also configure products to have product properties . Product properties allow you to add custom product information for a single product.

A "Size" attribute would be used for many products and would be more useful as an option type for variants. However, if you decide to sell a limited edition t-shirt you might want to add unique product properties for marketing purposes - like "Fit", "Material", and "Manufacturer".


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