Promotion actions

The Spree::PromotionAction model defines an action that should occur if the promotion is activated and eligible to be applied. There can be multiple promotion actions on a promotion.

Typically, a promotion action could be free shipping or a fixed percentage discount.

A promotion action calculates the discount amount and creates a Spree::Adjustment for the promotion. The adjustment then adjusts the price of an order, line item, or shipment.

Promotion actions have a configurable base calculator (except for Spree::Promotion::Actions::FreeShipping). This gives you and store administrators flexibility for choosing how a promotion amount is calculated.

Available promotion action types

The following classes are subclasses of the Spree::Promotion::Actions model :

  • CreateAdjustment: Creates a single adjustment associated to the current Spree::Order.
  • CreateItemAdjustments: Creates an adjustment for each applicable Spree::LineItem in the current order.
  • CreateQuantityAdjustments: Creates per-quantity adjustments. For example, you could create an action that gives customers a discount on each group of three t-shirts that they order at once.
  • FreeShipping: Creates an adjustment that negates all shipping charges.

We recommend using CreateItemAdjustmentss over CreateAdjustment. Over-level adjustments can make calculating accurate refunds and some regions' taxes more difficult for administrators.


Note that whenever an order, line item, or shipment with a promotion adjustment on it is updated, the eligibility of the promotion is re-checked and the promotion actions are re-applied.

Register a custom promotion action

You can create a new promotion action for Solidus by creating a new class that inherits from Spree::PromotionAction:

      module Spree
  class Promotion
    module Actions
      class MyPromotionAction < Spree::PromotionAction
        def perform(options={})

        def remove_from(order)


Your promotion action must implement the perform(options = {}) method. This method should return a boolean that declares whether the action was applied successfully. We also recommend that you define a remove_from(order) method. See the Spree::Promotion::Actions::CreateItemAdjustments class for an example of these method definitions.

You must then register the custom action in an initializer in your config/initializers/ directory:

      Rails.application.config.spree.promotions.actions << MyNamespace::MyPromotionAction



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