A Spree::Reimbursement represents your store's compensation to the customer who is returning items. For example, if a customer is not happy with the quality of your product and they decide to return it, your store may want to offer them store credit for the price of the item.

A Spree::Reimbursement can represent the reimbursement of one or many Spree::ReturnItems. However, if the return items have different Spree::ReimbursementTypes assigned, then multiple reimbursements are created for a single customer return.

Each Spree:Reimbursement object has the following attributes:

  • number: A unique eleven-character number that identifies the reimbursement. The number starts with RI. For example: RI123456789.
  • reimbursement_status: The status of the current reimbursement.
  • customer_return_id: The ID for the Spree::CustomerReturn that is associated with this reimbursement.
  • order_id: The ID for the Spree::Order that is associated with the items on the reimbursement.
  • total: The total value of the reimbursement. Depending on the Spree::ReimbursementType, this value may be nil.


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