Override views

The solidus_frontend and solidus_backend gems offer a full-featured customer-facing store and admin area for Solidus. They are not required to run Solidus, but they offer comprehensive defaults.

You can override any frontend or backend templates by duplicating the view in your project path. For example, if you wanted to duplicate the solidus_frontend's /app/views/spree/address/_form.html.erb partial , you can create the same file in your project: /app/views/spree/address/_form_html.erb.

You can choose to write the view from scratch or use and modify the original view. As with any Rails application, your app's views always override a gem's views if they have the same path and filename.

Note that you can override CSS and JavaScript assets in a similar way. For more information see the Override Solidus assets article.

Rails generator for frontend overrides

If you want to override views from the solidus_frontend gem, you can use the provided Rails generator in your host application:

      cd your-rails-project
bundle exec rails generate solidus:views:override


This command creates copies of all of the frontend views, allowing you to customize them for your store.

If you only want to copy certain views into your host app, you can provide the --only argument:

      bundle exec rails generate solidus:views:override --only products/show


The argument to --only can also be a substring of the name of the view from the app/views/spree folder:

      bundle exec rails generate solidus:views:override --only product


This copies all the views whose directory or filename contains the string "product".

Overrides and Solidus upgrades

Solidus views may change with each release. If you depend on view overrides, always test your application's views and read Solidus's changelog before upgrading in a production environment.


If you want to avoid upgrade difficulties, or you just need a tiny change to get feature you need, you can use the Deface gem . Deface dynamically changes your templates in-place.

However, if you use Deface extensively it can be tricky to find out where a particular piece of HTML actually comes from.


Solidus is an open source platform supported by the community. We encourage everyone using Solidus to contribute back to the documentation and the code.

If you’re interested in contributing to the docs, get started with the contributing guidelines. If you see something that needs fixing and can’t do it yourself, please send us an email.